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A day with 'Thorn'



In 2008, our first Red Tail buzzard, ‘Thorn’, appeared in the opening sequence of an episode of “Smallville”.

It was an incredibly exciting opportunity. I was only just identifying this as the unique vector through which I wanted to share my passion for birds-of-prey, and I was determined to prepare ‘Thorn’ as completely as possible.

Had I actually known just how pivotal his performance was to the story of “Veritas”, I’d have been much more anxious. It was probably a blessing no one mentioned – until the morning of the shoot – that ‘Thorn’/Brainiac had to fly into the barn, or “there’ll be no episode”. Yikes!




‘Thorn’ and I spent two days getting comfortable with what everyone recognizes as the outdoor environs of the Kent family-farm. We’d done our homework, and I knew my boy could – and would, pull it off.

It was an auspicious start to what has become an amazing and wonderful journey.

Then in 2010 came the magical opportunity to contribute to “Divine: The Series”.

Director Ivan Hayden and I had an amazing conversation; as we discussed the storyline though, it soon became apparent Scorn’s ‘familiar’ had to have presence, and I suggested a hawk for the role.

The challenge? While we sat and had coffee, and Ivan shared the history of his graphic-novel concept, ‘Mohave’ was still an infant being hand-reared in Quebec, and wasn’t due to come under my stewardship for two more months!


Scorn & Ayun14_3


In fact by the time filming commenced early in 2011, our beautiful Companion had only been with me for two and a-half weeks. Regardless, he handled the complicated, bizarre and busy environment that is life on-set…as if he were born to it.

We’ve had a lot of fun in the last four years.

Among other projects, “Team Feathers” has appeared in everything from live theatre (“Habitat Cabaret”), to”Urban Rush”, feature films (“Seventh Son”, “Aloft”, and “The Battle of Burgledorf”), and the 2012 Dodge RAM campaign.

Recently, we’ve contributed to the music video “Bad Timing”, by Michael Brock, and appeared in the pages of “iMute magazine’s ” anniversary issue, (the “Shape-Shifter” layout begins at page 202/203).


We love the creative process. We believe in telling stories, and in story-tellers.

More than anything, its my intention to support writers and directors conceptualizing web-series, TV shows and films – even fantastical ones, with the “Truthful” (yes – capital “T”) involvement of birds-of-prey as powerful, many-faceted living elements to storyline.

We love this work…and will travel anywhere on Earth to see it done with the sense of magnificence it deserves.

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