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Kirk Jaques

Joanne is a wonderful professional and a joy to work with. We have had the pleasure of her services as an animal wrangler and birds of prey specialist on several of our productions and her service greatly added to the production value of our product. Thanks again Joanne, - Kirk Jaques (Stunt Coordinator/Producer “Divine: The Series”)

Doug Cohen

Thanks so much for your kindness, time and teaching with Kes – She hasn’t stopped talking about you, Seth, Sabre, Jarih, and Mohave (the latter 3 whom she now views as people in their own right) since we returned. These experiences have been transformative, and her depth of knowledge around these birds is really extraordinary now, especially for a 12 year old. Thanks so much for all your w...

Anouk and Annette Jonker

Jo! What an experience today, thank you again!! Just wanted to say that we had a great time meeting your birds and seeing them in action. The falcons and hawk are beautiful creatures, and you are so patient and caring towards them. Not to mention, patient with the students! Until soon, Anouk & Annette Jonker

Tom Cook

Hey Joanne, Thanks for the day with your feathered friends! You are amazing... Wish we could’ve received a print-out on each of the birds – so much information on them its hard to remember everything. You are a fantastic teacher – such passion! - Tom Cook

Robert and Liam

Greetings Joanne, Thanks again for a truly remarkable afternoon. You, Joey and the Feathered Ones make an awesome team. All the best, - Robert & Liam

Suzanna van Galen

I just want to let you know that the falcon experience meant so much to me. It was truly an emotional event that would have topped my bucket list if I had known how wonderful it was. I would like to come back and see you another time (or so) when you have time for a visit and a tea. Seth is a great kid....what a beautiful young man. Hope to see you again... - Suzanna van Galen

Carol and Doug Cannon

Hi Jo, ...There were so many photo ops in the time that you gave us it was hard to pick just two. The videos I took really do give people a sense of w hat you were trying to achieve – having people connect to the soul of the bird rather than viewing them superficially. Thanks again for sharing your passion and love of falcons with us. Cheers, - Carol and Doug Cannon

Ross Hopkins

Hi Joanne, I just wanted to thank you again. That was an incredible day and I appreciate you trusting us with one of your best friends. Michelle and I were both in awe at how up close and personal we were able to get. Seth is a very nice and respectful young man and he helped make us feel welcomed and comfortable. We really felt like we were out for a beautiful nature walk with friends,...

David Horobin

Joanne was an absolute Godsend, and its fair to say she saved me a nervous breakdown. When it became clear we were not going to be fully set up by Friday my worst nightmare came true; then into the middle of it all stepped a calm,confident Canadian lady who, thankfully, took on this enormous and demanding role. A hot day, constant groups of children with no time for refreshment and endless quest...

Tim Larson

Joanne Bentley and her crew are an incredibly professional, passionate and knowledgeable team who share their remarkable love and care for birds of prey. The raptors themselves are incredibly well trained and are the stars of the show. It is immediately obvious that attention and care of their feathered wards is what they know best.... An experience with Joanne and her birds is guaranteed to leav...

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