The newest addition to “Team Feathers” is our 3/4 Gyr x Saker, ‘Pfeiffer’.

Bred in 2014 by Jeramy Jonson, ‘Pfeiffer’ became part of the Ontario Falconry Centre’s flying-display team, and educated members of the public for three years. After a brief attempt at pairing ‘Pfeiffer’ with a disinterested female, it was decided our new boy would be better off in a new environment with new handlers.

‘Pfeiffer’ has been flown to a kite-lure, and has also been airborne while being filmed by a drone – something Joanne and Joey have wanted to introduce “Team Feathers” to for a number of years.

He has a lovely disposition, and he’ll no doubt become a fan favourite once he’s had the opportunity to perform for big-screen cameras!”

Team Feathers

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    Red-tail Hawk

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    Peregrine-gyr Falcon

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    Gyr-peregrine Falcon

  • Pfeiffer

    3/4 Gyr x Saker Falcon

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