Schools and Camp Programming

Schools and Camp Programming

Some of our most popular programs are those geared toward bringing youngsters together with “Team Feathers”.

Camp days with ‘The Falconlady’ feature uniquely interactive sessions emphasizing up-close and personal, highly collaborative educational experiences.



Teachers and camp-organizers have a veritable host of possibilities to choose from – some examples would be:

– ‘Physics of Flight’

– ‘Raptor biology’ (ie; the place of raptors in Nature, what they eat – and why)

– ‘Are Raptors Related to Dinosaurs?’

– ‘Why So Many Kinds of Feathers?’

…and many more

If you’d like to schedule programming for your organization, please contact us for curriculum-planning and fee-schedules.

Course Price: $400.00

**Please Note**

  • Every effort is made to ensure the interactions between “Team Feathers” and our guests are safe. This said, birds-of-prey are not pets, and thus must be approached with respect.


  • The minimum age for participation in our course offerings is 12 years, with parent accompaniment to age 14.


  • “Team Feathers” visit their friend, Dr. Chris Collis DVM, for twice-yearly physical assessments, and are certified healthy and disease-free. This is incredibly important to us as our feathered-companions are involved in work which routinely puts them up-close-and-personal with professional performers and the public.


  • All course fees must be paid in full prior to attendance. As we limit the number of participants in our programs to enable the best possible ratio of student-to-mentor interaction, we often have wait lists of individuals hoping to join us last-minute. In consideration of others, we ask for your understanding and respect for this requirement. A non-refundable admin-fee of $50 will be levied for cancellations.
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