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Team Building (Corporate) Programming

Team Building (Corporate) Programming

Fast-paced work environments eventually tire the best of us, and hard-working teams need a breather once in a while to help reset and re-energize their creative juices.



Why not bring your staff out for a stimulating day with “Team Feathers”? Fresh air, sunshine, and magnificent birds-of-prey await you!

Please contact Joanne to explore your ideal team-building experience.


Course Price: $450.00


**Please Note**

  • Every effort is made to ensure the interactions between “Team Feathers” and our guests are safe. This said, birds-of-prey are not pets, and thus must be approached with respect.


  • The minimum age for participation in our course offerings is 12 years, with parent accompaniment to age 14.


  • “Team Feathers” visit their friend, Dr. Chris Collis DVM, for twice-yearly physical assessments, and are certified healthy and disease-free. This is incredibly important to us as our feathered-companions are involved in work which routinely puts them up-close-and-personal with professional performers and the public.


  • All course fees must be paid in full prior to attendance. As we limit the number of participants in our programs to enable the best possible ratio of student-to-mentor interaction, we often have wait lists of individuals hoping to join us last-minute. In consideration of others, we ask for your understanding and respect for this requirement. A non-refundable admin-fee of $50 will be levied for cancellations.
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