What Makes Us Different…

What Makes Us Different…

September 2015 will mark the eleventh year of my involvement with birds of prey.

In just over a decade, I’ve handled raptors in three countries, met and studied with some of the world’s pre-eminent living masters, (Alan Gates, Terry Large, Andy Hinton and Jemima Parry-Jones among them), taken our feathered-companions onto sets encompassing nearly every form of entertainment medium, (still waiting to bite into a motion-capture opportunity!), and introduced our evolving “Team Feathers” to thousands of school-children and young-adults.

What I’ve confirmed, so far, is that what my instincts were whispering to me from the outset is inarguable; birds-of-prey are emotionally complete beings. They do have moods, strengths, and preferences. And they are most definitely individuals.

What this means to you – the Producer, the Director, the Screenwriter, the Actor, is we as an evolving team have discovered, (and continue to further unravel), nuances to communication with these apex predators. This continuing exploration enables us to co-create unique and breathtaking performances for the many, many story-genres to which raptors add depth and dimensionality, (excepting say, a live-action retelling of “My Little Pony”, or a WWII action-adventure on board a submarine prowling the Marianas Trench…wrack my brains though I have, I cannot imagine how one would justify introducing a raptor into either of these scenarios.)

Does your story call for a psionic connection between a hawk and a cyborg explorer who’s been marooned on a strange planet in the future? We will give you that performance.

A shape-shifting, mysterious princess who becomes a magic-wielding falcon for your high-fantasy project? We will give you that too.

One of the god Zeus’s messenger-eagles teaming up with a hero like Bellerophon to save the world from rampaging Titans? Let’s do it!

As an author and performer, I’m an enormous lover of ‘the story’ – I believe in the passion storytellers and story-creators bring to the craft of film and television. More than anything, our desire and intention is to literally give your project wings; to give it the nuanced dimensionality – the roundness – birds-of-prey uniquely bring to stories.

We are ready to collaborate with ‘Creatives’ to realize their dream…the dream of story-tellers everywhere since time-out-of-mind…

…To inspire, to thrill, and to excite others…

We can hardly wait to hear from you.

“The Falconer must not be one who belittles his art and dislikes the labour involved in his calling. He must be diligent and persevering…[and] never desist in his efforts, but persist in its practice while he lives, so that he may bring the Art itself nearer to perfection.”

“The Art of Falconry” Ch. XLVII ‘Of Falconers and Their Qualifications’, Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen


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