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Course: 2-day Actor Preparation Program

2-day Actor Preparation Program

(for film, television, & other Entertainment Media)

 As a writer, Director or Production-team interested in the involvement of a bird-of-prey performer contributing to your storyline, you’re aware the camera will catch every nuance of the human actor’s performance – and your first thought will be to ensure its as honest, natural and organic as possible, (while maximizing budgetary considerations).

 The 2-day Actor Preparation program fully instructs your star in all aspects of what to expect from their raptorial counterpart, beginning with best safety-practices, thence to skills development, (from taking a bird-of-prey up on the glove, to swinging the lure), free-flying a hawk or falcon, and the critically important foundational understanding of fundamental body-language communication.

 This intensive program is aimed at ensuring both your human – and non-human performers, will be ready to deliver an exciting, engaging, and emotionally moving story the moment “Action!” Is called, and will focus on developing the needed competence, and confidence, your project deserves.

PROGRAM FEE: $2000.00 – Contact Us to Book

Notes for Actors and Production Teams

  • Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure all interactions between yourself and whichever member of “Team Feathers” you’ll be working with are safe. This said, it is critical that you approach this program with the clear understanding – regardless of how amenable our birds are – they are not pets, and must be treated with respect.
  • Actors no younger than 12yrs old will be considered for this program, and a parent or legal guardian must be in attendance for performers up to the age of 14yrs.
  • “Team Feathers” receive an annual physical assessment and health-certification with their friend, Dr. Chris Collis DVM, each Spring. This is incredibly important to us as our Feathered-companions are involved in work which routinely puts them up-close-and-personal with professional performers, and the public. As such, Production teams and actors can be certain the members of “Team Feathers” are safe to work with from a health perspective.
  • Program fees must be paid in full prior to the first day of attendance. Considerable preparation will have been undertaken prior to the actor’s arrival to prepare the raptor(s) they’ll be working with for the skills they’ll be expected to perform for camera, and no other program will be run during the 2-day training session. In consideration of The Falconlady & her staff, we ask for your understanding and respect for this requirement.
  • A non-refundable admin-fee of $500.00 will be levied for no-show, and short-notice cancellations, (minimum 10 days notice for rescheduling, or cancellation required).
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