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Professional photographer, Don Osborne.

Professional photographer, Don Osborne.

After making numerous visits to the spectacular environs of the West Coast, Don Osborne, our official photographer, made the move from his home in North Carolina to Vancouver Island in 2006.

Having been part of the photography community for more than 30 years, Don found a renewed fire for his art-form in capturing the magnificence of the wildlife and landscapes of B.C.’s enchanting coast.  Over the past nine years, he has developed his own unique “eye”, capturing the spontaneity, wonder and humour expressed both in Nature, and in the everyday.

In addition to his passion for wildlife photography, Don’s body-of-work includes “behind-the-scenes” shoots on music-video sets, festivals and conventions. His professionalism and exacting eye result in what is clearly some of the best, most interesting compositional photography anywhere.

It’s been a genuine pleasure working with Don over the last seven years – most of the photography featuring “Team Feathers” and ourselves on this, and our previous website, has been generously provided by him. We’re grateful for what he continues to help us to express to the world.

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