I’ve often been asked “how do you come up with names for your Feathered companions, Jo?”, and my reply is pretty-much the same every time: I know their names before I even meet them…the names just come to me from the ether. 

In ‘Halo’s’ case, I’d visualized a bright-spirited, pale-coloured falcon for many years. Having worked with several lovely Gyr/peregrine hybrids, I’d longed for one of my own, and knew if the right notes could be struck, this could be a wonderful human/non-human relationship. 

Its also true I dearly love the song, “Halo” by Beyonce. Every time I’d hear it, I’d imagine this beautiful creature dancing on the airs above…it took many years, but in the late-summer of 2017, I opened his travel crate, and was taken immediately by this delicate boy’s beauty. 

While having the smaller proportions of a Peregrine, (which is what ‘Halo’s’ mother is), this fine little fellow has the rounder head and brighter-looking eyes unique to a Gyrfalcon – his Baffin- line sire’s gift to him. 

‘Halo’ has a more delicate personality than our other little falcon, and has taken his time becoming accustomed to new environments and friends. This said, he has rapidly learned to relax into these situations, and successfully charmed his fans at both Camp Squeah and the Victoria Highland Games in his first two appearances to these venues. 

With his spectacular and stunning beauty, I’ve no doubt he’ll soon charm many once he’s been captured by the cameras for a film or television project! 

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    Peregrine-gyr Falcon

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