Joe Norris

Joseph Norris has worked with Joanne and “Team Feathers” for over ten years, and has earned his position as Senior Assistant by continually – and materially – contributing to Joanne’s successes.

Joe has been fascinated by birds-of-prey from early childhood, and found new and creative ways to include hawks, eagles or falcons in his elementary-school projects whenever the opportunity arose.

As “Team Feathers” has evolved over the years, Joseph has taken tremendous pleasure in the process of learning to ‘read’ the Feathered-ones; watching them succeed in their performances remains an intensely moving experience for him.

Over the last four years, Joe has worked on obtaining his RMT certification through the prestigious West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and now works in his chosen field in the Greater Vancouver Area. He remains Joanne’s “go-to wingman” on all filming projects, and spends time with her and the Feathered at every available opportunity.

When he can “bust-loose” a few hours of free time, Joey is passionate about his martial skills training, ‘fire-dancing’, and the occasional night of intense online gaming.


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