Magnificent ‘Mohave’ joined “Team Feathers” late in 2010.

At four-and-a-half months of age, ‘Mohave’ immediately demonstrated an amazing degree of tolerance for new and unusual circumstances, and a tremendous willingness to learn new skills – a positive boon as we were scheduled to contribute to “Divine: The Series” within three weeks of his arrival!

‘Mohave’ presents considerable presence on-screen; being unusually large for a male Red Tail Buzzard, he can seem both gentle and retiring, or sinister and imposing.

His confidence and trust in us has enabled him to acquire skills ranging from flying alongside a moving vehicle, to through an open second or third-storey window, to being up-close and intimate with a human actor.

Our big boy has been privileged to connect with some of the finest acting companions imaginable, creating an especially deep and emotional bond with John Emmet-Tracy (“Divine”), and great friendships with Karin Inghammar (“Battle of Burgledorf”), Cillian Murphy (“Aloft”), and countless students who’ve met him through our private courses and educational-outreach programs.

• Red Tail buzzards (Buteo jamaicensis) are found all over North America, Central America, and in the West Indies. The first of these hawks to be scientifically studied was found in Jamaica.

• There are 14 subspecies of Red Tails possessing various colorations; they prefer open areas, such as fields or deserts with high perching places from which they can watch for prey.

• Breeding season initiates a spectacular sequence of aerial acrobatics; Red Tail buzzards are monogamous, and mate for life. Both sexes are involved in egg-incubation, caring for their young from hatching to fledging, which occurs approximately 6 weeks later.

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